Resource Center Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Circuit Court Clerk’s Resource Center provide?

The Resource Center serves Pro Se litigants seeking assistance in matters commonly addressed in Circuit, Probate, General Sessions Civil, or Traffic Violation Bureau Offices.

Circuit Court Services

  • Irreconcilable Divorces with Minor Children
  • Irreconcilable Divorces without Minor Children

Probate Court Services

  • Small Estate Petition for Limited Letters of Authority (Small Estate Affidavits)
    • With a Will
    • Without a Will
  • Petition for Name Change

General Sessions Services

  • Small Claims Lawsuit (Under $25K)
  • Detainer Warrants (Evictions)
  • Recovery Warrants (Recovery on Property)
  • Executions (Garnishment/Bank Levies/Property Levy)
  • Post Judgment Motions

Traffic Violation Bureau Services

  • Payment for Tickets (Traffic/Parking/Metro Citations)
  • Payment for Traffic School
  • Request Court Date (Traffic/Parking/Metro Citations)
  • Providing Pricing Information on Tickets (Traffic/Parking/Metro Citations)
  • Post Judgment Motions