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Probate Court Clerk's Office

Signing of Last Will and Testament.

The Probate Court Clerk's Office handles the clerk responsibilities for all matters filed in the Seventh Circuit Court - Probate Division. The Seventh Circuit Court has exclusive jurisdiction in Davidson County for all matters related to the administration of deceased person's estates, including the probating of wills and is, thus, commonly referred to as the Davidson County Probate Court.

The Probate Court also has concurrent jurisdiction over the creation and supervision of conservatorships and guardianships. To a lesser degree, the Probate Court also handles other types of cases, including, but not limited to, adult and minor name changes, emancipations, legitimations and various legal matters involving trusts.

Judge Randy Kennedy is the judge of the Seventh Circuit Court and presides over all matters filed in the Probate Court.


The Davidson County Courts are proposing amendments to the Local Rules of Practice. The deadline for submitting comments is Monday, June 24, 2019 per this Public Comment Notice. The proposed Davidson County Probate Court Clerk Electronic Filing Rules are here. The proposed amendments to the Local Rules Davidson County Courts of Record are here.