Escrow Account Information

An Escrow Account is a prepaid account with the offices of the Circuit Court Clerk. Opening an Escrow Account allows a user to charge filing fees, service fees, and copy costs up to the deposited amount in the Circuit, Probate and General Sessions-Civil offices. The Escrow Account also works seamlessly with our new eFlex electronic filing system. It will allow users to e-file cases in the Circuit, Probate and General Sessions-Civil offices without incurring a third party payment service charge.

There are two types of Escrow Accounts (Individual Attorney Account / Firm Account) that may be established with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. An attorney may only utilize one Escrow Account – either as an Individual Attorney Account or as an authorized user on a Firm Account.

All Escrow Accounts must be established with the submission of an Application and initial deposit ($500 minimum) to the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office located at 1 Public Square, Suite 302, Nashville, TN 37201.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning Escrow Accounts, or if you are a current account holder and would like to report a problem, please email us at:

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