Circuit Frequently Asked Questions

How and Where can I file Circuit Court documents?

Circuit documents can be filed in person at the Clerk’s office or they can be mailed. Certain documents can also be fax filed. More information regarding fax filing can be located at the forms link under Fax Filing – Rules.

Are there forms available for me to file my own Divorce or Civil Complaint?

Divorce Complaints

Yes, but only for parties who have no children or property and can file an agreed divorce. The approved forms and instructions for the filing of an agreed divorce are located under the forms tab.

Civil Complaints

At this time, all Civil Complaints must be drawn up by the plaintiff/plaintiff’s attorney. You will also find additional forms under the forms tab that have been approved by the Administrative Office of the Courts for filing with our office as it relates to service of process, etc

I want to file a motion to be heard in the 5th Circuit Court. What days are available?

There is a schedule listed under the civil motions link. There is also information regarding the proper filing of motions and other pleadings under the local rules link.

Can I file for an Order of Protection at the Circuit Court Clerk’s office?

A Petition for an Order of Protection is normally filed in “Night Court” in the Criminal Justice Center. However, under certain conditions, the Petition can be filed with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office:

  • The parties are married and living in Davidson County.
  • The parties are currently going through a divorce in Davidson County Circuit Court.
  • The parties are former spouses residing in Davidson County and were divorced in Davidson County Circuit Court.

All other petitions should be filed at Night Court in the Criminal Justice Center.

Can the Clerk’s office answer my legal questions?

No, any legal questions should be forwarded to a licensed attorney. There are no attorneys in the Clerk’s office. The Nashville Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service may be able to help you find an attorney who handles your type of case. For additional information, please see Guidelines for Tennessee Court Clerks Who Assist Self-Represented Persons.

How can I make a request for a foreign or sign language interpreter?

To make a request for a foreign or sign language interpreter, click here.