Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

Among the types of cases heard by the Circuit Courts are contract disputes, civil torts, condemnations, worker’s compensation claims, domestic matters and the administration of estates.

Currently comprised of eight divisions, Davidson County’s Circuit Courts serve the 20th Judicial District. Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction and shares equal standing with the Criminal and Chancery trial courts.

Three divisions of the court specialize in specific areas of law. Third and Fourth Circuit Courts preside exclusively over domestic matters and all matters of estate administration are assigned to Seventh Circuit Court.

Common Questions

How can I pay for fees or services in the Circuit Court Clerk's Office?

In Person

  • Cash
  • Credit or Debit Card – The Circuit Court Clerk has contracted with an independent company that accepts most major credit and debit cards. The vendor charges an additional non-refundable 2.25% processing fee for this convenience.
  • Personal Check – made payable to “Circuit Court Clerk”
  • Cashier’s Check – made payable to “Circuit Court Clerk”
  • Money Order – made payable to “Circuit Court Clerk”

Documents filed on-line through the eFile system are paid through e-Check or Debit/Credit Card only.

Payment is due at the time of filing on all cases

What number do I call to check on my recent child support payment information?

(615) 253-4394 if your child support is being paid into Tennessee’s Central Child Support Receipting Unit.

(615) 862-5187 if your child support is being paid into the Davidson County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.

What number do I call concerning Jury Duty?

(615) 862-5294

How much are copies?

Regular Copies
.50 per page

Certified Copies
$5.00 certification fee + .50 per page

Congressional Certification
$10.00 certification fee + .50 per page

Can the Clerk’s office answer my legal questions?

No, any legal questions should be forwarded to a licensed attorney. There are no attorneys in the Clerk’s office. The Nashville Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service may be able to help you find an attorney who handles your type of case. For additional information, please see Guidelines for Tennessee Court Clerks Who Assist Self-Represented Persons.

How can I get a judgment removed from my credit report?

If the Clerk’s record reflects that the judgment is paid in full, we can provide a “Credit Bureau letter” for the cost of $5.00 that you will mail to all three credit bureaus. There is no longer a local credit bureau. All three credit bureaus are out of state. Please click the following link for Credit Bureau address information.

Special Notices

Divorce Certificates Vital Records (Account Signup)



2nd Circuit also has a WebEx option for Probate Dockets and Civil Motion Dockets.
Webex number is 1-415-655-0001. Attendee Code is 95453046##



Contact Information

Phone: (615) 862-5181
Fax: (615) 862-5191
Fax Filings: (615) 296-4501
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday (Excluding holidays)

Mailing Address

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 196303
Nashville, TN 37219-6303

Street Address

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
1 Public Square
Suite 302
Nashville, TN 37201