Probate Filing Fees **Updated**

Refer to the table below or click the following link to view or download the updated fee schedule in Adobe PDF format.**

Petition to Probate Will289.50
Petition for Letters of Administration289.50
Small Estate Affidavit (No Personal Checks or Money Orders)With Will 105.50
Without Will 100.50
Petition to Probate for Muniment of Title Only284.50
Petition for Conservatorship or Guardianship219.50
Petition for Name Change (No Personal Checks or Money Orders)159.50
Petition for Emancipation, Legitimation or to Correct a Birth Certificate159.50
Petition to Reopen 27.00
Petition to Reopen (Estate)32.00
Trust Matters or any other case not otherwise provided for284.50

Miscellaneous Charges and Fees
Filing Interim Accountings or Settlements in any case40.00
Filing a Claim Against an Estate11.00
Filing an Exception to a Claim 42.00
Additional Certified Letters (1st Letter included in filing fee)5.00 ea
Filing Unprobated Will or Will of Living Person7.00
Petitions or Requests in an existing case (Other than request to close)18.00
Filing any document not otherwise provided for7.00
Certified Copy of any document or pleading5.00 + 0.50 per page
Acts of Congress Certification10.00 + 0.50 per page
Preparing Record on Appeal300.00

Initial Service of Summons or Notice by:
Sheriff (upon issuance per defendant/witness)42.00
Secretary of State (upon issuance per defendant/witness) (includes Clerk's seal)25.00
Commissioner of Insurance (upon issuance per defendant/witness)15.00
Certified Mail (includes Clerk's seal)5.00

Existing Case Service of Subpoenas/Summons or Notice by:
  Clerk Service Total
Sheriff (upon issuance per defendant/witness)6.0042.0048.00
Secretary of State (upon issuance per defendant/witness)            (includes Clerk's seal) 11.0020.0031.00
Commissioner of Insurance (upon issuance per defendant/witness)6.0015.0021.00
Certified Mail (includes Clerk's seal)6.0011.00
Personal Service6.006.00

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