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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is eFile?

The term "eFiling" refers to an electronic filing system. An eFiling system is a robust system designed to streamline Court filings. When documents are eFiled, the Clerk's Office will approve the filings and route the documents to the Judge and support staff, and electronically serve interested parties on the case.

QWhat are the advantages/benefits of eFile?
ABenefits for attorneys include saving time and money, in addition to:

  • Cost savings (paper, parking, courier fees).
  • Ability to file outside of regular business hours.
  • Better use of resources.
  • Instant access to filings.
  • Electronic service to other registered users.
    QIs there a cost to create an eFiling account and/or eFile?

    No. It is free to set up an account in our eFiling system. The system does not charge a usage fee. The only fees incurred would be a third party vendor fee of 2.25% if you choose to use a credit card or eCheck for payment. Attorneys and firms may sign up for an Escrow Account to use with eFiling to avoid the third party transaction fee.

    QAre there any items that cannot be eFiled?
    AYes. The following cannot be eFiled.

  • Divorce Certificate
  • Publication Notice
  • Original Wills
    QCan I have an individual Escrow Account and also be on a Firm Escrow Account?
    ANo, you can only have one or the other.
    QWhat format should I use to submit my documents?
    AProposed Orders should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (doc,docx). All other documents must be submitted in an unprotected-PDF format.
    QDuring which hours can I eFile?
    A24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    QHow will trial exhibits filed at trial be handled?
    ANothing changes. All trial exhibits will be presented at trial.
    QCan I file a document that is under seal?
    AYes, per Judge-signed Order. Select the "sealed" checkbox when you are uploading the document.

  • When filing under seal documents, you must use conventional service.
    QWhat happens if the eFiling site is down?
    AIn the event the eFlex system is unavailable, E-Filer agrees that time-sensitive documents should be conventionally filed with the Clerk during normal office business hours in order to meet any applicable statutes.

  • At the Court's discretion, the provisions of T.R.C.P. 6.01 may apply to the extent the Clerk's Office is inaccessible due to unavailability of the eFlex system.
    QWhat are the computer requirements for eFile?
    AYou can use a Windows or Apple computer running a modern web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer (version 10 or higher), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
    QWho do I contact for technical support??
    AYou may contact us at (615) 862-4444 or email us