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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat are the advantages/benefits of being a CaseLink subscriber?
AThere are many benefits:

  • No driving downtown or parking hassles.
  • No waiting in line.
  • Reduced phone calls.
  • Reduced staff time.
  • Reduced costs for file copies.
  • Automated Case Alerts.
    QWhat are Case Alerts?
    ACase Alerts are automatic notifications sent to you via email when a pleading is added on a case in your Watch List. The Watch List can be set up under My Account > Case Alerts. You can have only one email address attached to your Case Alerts and it can be any valid email address you choose.
    QWhat are the computer requirements for CaseLink?
    AYou can now use a Windows or Apple computer running a modern web browser such as Internet Explorer (version 10 or higher), Google Chrome*, Mozilla Firefox* or Safari*. [*Exceptions apply]
    QCan I use an Apple/Mac to view CaseLink?
    AYES! Using the Safari browser. However, it will be necessary for you to make setting changes in Safari.
    QWhat changes do I need to make in Safari for CaseLink?
    ASafari has a built in pop-up blocker that must be turned off (under Preferences > Security > Uncheck Pop-up Blocker). Also, do not use the Back button when trying to view cases. You will need to type in the Case Number and hit the Search button again.
    QIf I can use an Apple/Mac, is it possible to use my iPad?
    AIt sure is! The one thing we have noticed is that you must close a document image prior to opening another document image.
    QI don't have an iPad but I do have an Android tablet. Will it work?
    AThis scenario has not been tested as there are so many different types of Android tablets on the market. If using the Chrome browser, it may work like the desktop version but we cannot guarantee that at this time.
    QI'm having trouble viewing document images. What's wrong?
    ACaseLink opens images in a new window, which is often prevented by pop-up blockers. You must configure your browser and any add-on toolbars with pop-up blockers to allow pop-ups on
    QCan I print Court documents from CaseLink?
    AWe are pleased to announce that CaseLink subscribers can now view and print images of unsealed and redacted Circuit, Probate and General Sessions Court documents.
    QWhere do I find CaseLink on the internet?
    ACaseLink web address is or click the link below to access the CaseLink start page.
    QHow do I subscribe to CaseLink?
    APlease go to and click on Sign Up button.
    QIf I have multiple users in my office, do each of them need a CaseLink account or ID?
    AEach person who requires access will need a separate account. You can no longer have a single account with multiple logins each account is now unique.
    QHow do I make my subscriber payment?
    AYou will no longer be able to make CaseLink payments in our office or by mail. All payments must now be made online only.
    QWho do I contact for technical support if I have issues with CaseLink?
    APlease email and a Circuit Court Clerk representative will contact you or you may call (615) 862-4444.