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I Want to Pay for a Violation

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Each violation has a specific fine amount and, for tickets issued after 7/1/2011, a TBI Lab Fee if paid by the Compliance Date. If not paid by the Compliance Date, each fine is set at $50.00 and the TBI Lab Fee is replaced by a Litigation Tax. However, as discussed below, under certain conditions, the fine and fees on some "Nullifiable" or "Insurance" offenses will be waived and a smaller "nullification fee" assessed.

Nullifiable Offenses

If you do not hold a Commercial Driver's License AND you were not operating a vehicle for which a Commercial Driver's License is required, certain traffic violations are "nullifiable". In other words, you can avoid paying the original fine by simply correcting the violation and mailing proof of the correction along with a nullification fee and Court cost to the Traffic Violations Bureau. For example, if you were cited for having an expired vehicle registration, you can renew your registration and mail a copy of the ticket, a copy of the Certificate of Registration, and the appropriate nullification fees to the Traffic Violation Bureau. A list of nullifiable offenses is provided here.

Insurance Violations

If you were cited for not having proof of insurance in the vehicle, please consult our Insurance Violations page for important information regarding your options for responding. Failure to comply with Tennessee’s Financial Responsibility Laws has serious consequences.

Payment Methods

You have three methods for making your payment: