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Frequently Asked Questions - Traffic

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Q1 What happens if I miss my compliance date or don’t pay the ticket on or before the compliance date?
Q2 What is the $44.00 Administrative Court Cost for?
Q3 What is the $13.75 fee for?
Q4 Why did the officer say I wouldn’t have to pay any costs if I show proof?
Q5 How much is my ticket?
Q6 If I receive a ticket for failure to have proof of insurance and I just pay the fine, what happens?
Q7 What happens if I sign up for Traffic School but don’t pay the fines and fees I owe to the Traffic Violation Bureau?
Q8 When is my court date?
Q9 The information on my ticket says I have 45 days to pay my ticket. Does this include weekends?
Q10 How do I know if I’m eligible for Traffic School?
Q11 How do I contact the Traffic School?
Q12 I can’t make my assigned school date. Can I reschedule it?
Q13 Can I enroll in the Traffic School online?
Q14 Can I attend Traffic School online?
Q15 I lost my ticket but I want to apply for Traffic School. What can I do?
Q16 How much time do I have to pay my ticket after the compliance date?
Q17 My ticket doesn’t have a lot of the information that this web site talks about. A Tennessee State Trooper wrote the ticket. Does that matter?
Q18 Can I pay my traffic ticket online?
Q19 If I plead “not guilty” and request a hearing, what happens in Court?
Q20 When I go to Court, will I have to pay any money on my ticket?
Q21 Can I request a Court date on the Traffic Information Sheet after the compliance date?
Q22 What are the pros and cons of attending Traffic School rather than paying my citation?
Q23 When I pay my ticket, how many points are assessed to my driving history?
Q24 I have an unpaid traffic ticket issued by the City of Lakewood and my driver's license has been suspended. How do I pay this ticket and get my license re-instated?