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Responding to a Parking Ticket

Parking Meter

A Metro parking ticket is written for the violation of a Metro Parking Ordinance and may be written by six different enforcement agencies in Davidson County. These enforcement agencies are as follows:

  • Metropolitan Police Department
  • Park Police
  • Airport Authority
  • Public Works Traffic Enforcement
  • Vanderbilt Police
  • Metro Property Guards

To view a sample Metro parking ticket, click here.

How To Satisfy Your Metro Parking Ticket

All Metro parking tickets contain an Issuance Date, which is the date that the ticket was written. Violators are given forty-five (45) calendar days from this date to pay their tickets or plead not guilty and request a court date.

The ticket must be satisfied by this “Compliance Date” in order to avoid the imposition of additional fees and referral to the Traffic Warrant Division for collection by parking warrant, wage garnishment or levy of property. Use our Compliance Date Calculator to calculate your compliance date.

In order to satisfy a parking ticket, the offender must take one of the following three possible actions:

  1. Plead guilty and pay a fine;
  2. Plead not guilty and request a court hearing date.
  3. Provide a handicap placard and nullification fee for your parking ticket citing handicap parking.

For instructions, click on the action you would like to take.