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Responding To A Metro Citation

Drawing of man working on a junk carMetro Citations are processed by employees of the Traffic Violation Bureau. These citations are blue in color and the numbers begin with the letters "MC" and are issued by various agencies in the Metropolitan Government for the violation of Davidson County Metropolitan Ordinances. To see an image of this type of citation, click here. The following agencies issue Metro Citations.

  • Metro Violations:

    • Issued by the Metro Police Department and by Park Officers. They are written for a broad spectrum of violations such as open container, trespassing, alarm violations and taxi cab rates.

  • Environmental Violations:

    • Issued by the Health Department and by Animal Control Officers. Common violations are animal at large, rabies vaccination, high grass, junk in yard and vicious dogs.

      • If you have been issued a citation for a vicious dog, you must appear in court.

    • Note: Environmental Warrants that contain “EC” in the warrant number have been filed with the General Sessions Civil Division and NOT the Traffic Violation Bureau.

  • Code Violations:

    • Issued by the Codes Department. Common violations cited on these citations are building code or other codes violations.

  • Metro Water Violations:

    • Issued by the Metro Water Department. A common violation cited would be for using water without paying.

  • Fire Code Violations:

    • Issued by the Fire Department. A common violation cited would be for the negligent setting of a fire

  • Public Works Violations:

    • Issued by the Public Works Department. A common violation cited would be for illegal dumping.

In order to satisfy a particular citation, the violator must take one of the following actions. For specific instructions, click on the action you would like to take.

  1. Pay the fine and costs in full on or before the scheduled court date.
  2. Attend the scheduled court date listed on the bottom of your citation.