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General Sessions Civil Filing Fees **Updated**

E-Filing is now fully implemented in the General Sessions-Civil office. Refer to the table below or click this link to view or download the revised fee schedule effective on May 24, 2021.

The table below is representative of the changes made; however, please refer to the document download link for the most comprehensive fee listing.

  Clerk Sheriff Lit. Tax Total
New Filings
Civil Warrant44.0042.0041.75127.75
Each additional defendant
42.00 42.00
Detainer Warrant44.0042.0041.75127.75
Each additional defendant
42.00 42.00
Immediate Possession44.0084.0041.75169.75
Sue and Attach44.0084.0041.75169.75
Each additional defendant
42.00 42.00
Warrant to Recover44.0042.0041.75127.75
Each additional defendant
42.00 42.00
Pre-judgment Documents
Affidavit or Exhibit 0.00
Alias/Pluries42.00 42.00
Amended Warrant42.00 42.00
Each additional defendant
 42.00 42.00
Ancillary or Judicial Attachment42.00 42.00
Answer/Sworn Denial 0.00
Body Attachment42.0042.00
Counterclaim42.00 42.00
Interrogatories, Request, Notice 0.00
Motion 0.00
Order 0.00
Show Cause Order42.00 42.00
42.00 42.00
Subpoena (Sheriff Service)6.0042.00 48.00
Subpoena (Private Process)6.00  6.00
Transfer to Circuit152.00  152.00
  Clerk Sheriff Lit. Tax Total
Post-judgment Documents
Abstract of Judgment5.00 5.00
Affidavit or Exhibit25.00 25.00
Appeal177.00 57.50234.50
Body Attachment25.0042.00 67.00
*Alias Body Attachment25.0042.00 67.00
Certified Copy  5.00 + .50/page
Congressional Certificate  5.00 + .50/page
Claim of Exemptions25.00  25.00
Interrogatories, Request, Notice25.00  25.00
Motion (Slow Pay or Other)25.00  25.00
Order25.00  25.00
Show Cause Order25.0042.00 67.00
*Alias Show Cause Order25.0042.00 67.00
Scire Facias on Garnishee25.0042.00 67.00
Scire Facias to Renew Judgment25.0042.00 67.00
Subpoena (Sheriff Service)6.0042.00 48.00
Subpoena (Private Process)6.00  6.00
Writ of Possession25.0042.00 67.00
Writ of Restitution25.0042.00 67.00
Written Agreement25.00  25.00

Service of Process Fees
*Out of County Service Fee - $42.00 per defendant, payable to Sheriff
*Secretary of State - $20.00 per defendant, payable to Secretary of State
*Commissioner of Insurance - $15.00 per defendant, payable to Commissioner of Insurance
*Certified Mail - $7.38 per defendant, payable to Postmaster
*Mail to post ‘possession only’ detainer: 1 ounce stamp

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