General Sessions Civil Dockets

General Sessions - Civil Division court dockets are posted to our web site two days in advance. Links to the current day's docket and the next two dockets may be found to the left.

There will be NO Civil Docket in General Sessions Court on the dates listed below.

2014 Court Holidays

Tuesday, September 161Judicial Conference
Wednesday, September 171Judicial Conference
Thursday, September 181Judicial Conference
Friday, September 191Judicial Conference
Tuesday, November 11Veteran's Day
Thursday, November 27Thanksgiving Day
Friday, November 28Thanksgiving Holiday

1Order of Protection Dockets WILL be held.


The dockets available on the internet are for informational purposes only. Additions and modifications will be reflected only on the original dockets and not on the internet. For search capabilities, you can use your browser's Find feature (Ctrl-F in most browsers) to look for specific attorneys or cases.