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Special Master Docket

Mary Ashley Nichols
Special Master
1 Public Square, Suite 501
Nashville, TN 37201

Contact:  	Cyndi Snuggs, 615-880-2546	

Thursday, March 23, 2017

09:45 a.m.	Khalil v Mohammed, 15C3078
10:00 a.m.	Bevis v Taylor, 16C1460
10:15 a.m.	Bashore v Realty, 16C1472
10:30 a.m.	Rodgers v Metro, 16C1589
11:00 a.m.	Allstate v Western, 16C1878
11:00 a.m.	Wilburn v Burba, 16C1830
11:15 a.m.	Green v Doe, 16C1963
11:15 a.m.	Valle v Mathes, 16C2037
11:30 a.m.	Mullinix v Boyd, 16C2086
11:30 a.m.	Benitez v Nelson, 16C2061
11:45 a.m.	Gaines v Young, 16C2103
12:00 p.m.	Harris v White, 16C1060
12:30 p.m.	Igou v Vanderbilt, 13C1647
01:00 p.m.	Owens v Worthy, 15C4230
01:30 p.m.	Sierra v ADP, 16C2076
01:45 p.m.	Newtrans v May, 16C2083
02:00 p.m.	Moss v Horn, 16C2109
02:15 p.m.	Bryant v Sabie, 16C2111
02:30 p.m.	Watts v Doe, 16C2143
02:45 p.m.	Worley v Smith, 16C2144
03:00 p.m.	Allen v Ebenezer, 16C2049

Friday, March 24, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Metro v Carney, 17C26; Metro v Carney, 17C27
09:30 a.m.	Lee v Goldmann, 16C657
09:30 a.m.	Smarkdak v J&J Regal, 13C1955
09:30 a.m.	Holland v Smith, 15C3951
11:00 a.m.	Shadowens v Greene, 15C4231
11:00 a.m.	Edens v Smith, 15C1605
11:00 a.m.	Smith v Murphy, 15C4573
11:00 a.m.	Edmiston v Sebold, 16C292
11:00 a.m.	Hopson v Poole, 15C4574
11:00 a.m.	Hughes v Sanders, 15C1150
12:00 p.m.	Bank of Nashville v Williams, 12C292

Monday, March 27, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Walden v Maverick, 15C2356
10:00 a.m.	Bracey v Rusty Nail, 15C437
10:30 a.m.	Isom v Hayes, 16C1212
10:45 a.m.	Kuykendall v Tyson, 14C3754
11:00 a.m.	Tally v Night, 16C2158
11:00 a.m.	Perrine v Well, 16C2153
11:15 a.m.	Ledlow v Shacklett, 16C2180
11:45 a.m.	Poff v Harris, 16C2233
11:45 a.m.	Ematas v Lijo, 16C2248
12:00 p.m.	Richardson v Mason, 14C676
12:15 p.m.	Jaafar v Taylor, 16C2836
12:30 p.m.	McConnell v Joy, 16C609
01:00 p.m.	Hudson v Rosen, 16C2318
01:30 p.m.	Bashir v Necmedin, 16C423
02:15 p.m.	Simmons-Brown v Clubhouse, 16C2271
02:30 p.m.	Pennington v Weber, 16C2292
02:45 p.m.	Balthrop-Gehring v Kroger, 16C2331
03:15 p.m.	Kannan v Padmanabhan, 15C4263

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Abdelsayed v Gold Star, 15C1816
10:00 a.m.	Fitzgerald v Gooch, 16C71
10:15 a.m.	Kelly v West Meade, 13C3733
10:45 a.m.	Sharifa v Wells Fargo, 16C1869
11:15 a.m.	Tucker v Gill, 14C4137
11:45 a.m.	Pillow v Piper, 16C1523
12:00 p.m.	Howard v Reed, 14C1765
12:45 p.m.	Moreno v Jazzabi, 14C2126
01:15 p.m.	Cole v Johnson, 16C1241
01:30 p.m.	Allstate v Sparks, 16C1037
01:30 p.m.	Allan v Sparks, 16C975
02:00 p.m.	Dixon v Vanderbilt, 14C1259
02:30 p.m.	McDonald v City of Cookeville, 16C1171
02:45 p.m.	Klein v Towsend, 15C2740
03:00 p.m.	Vance-Hall v Metro, 15C1945
03:15 p.m.	Webb v Otot, 15C3743; Otot v Gurma, 16C470; 
		Nationwide v Otot, 16C1564; Watson v Otot, 16C1565

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Dabney v Smith, 14C372
09:45 a.m.	Daniels v Green, 15C4516
10:00 a.m.	McFall v Chipotle, 16C1790
10:15 a.m.	Geurin v Alvarado, 14C1789
10:30 a.m.	Morgan v Daniels, 16C1831
11:15 a.m.	Caruthers v Hopper, 16C1871
11:30 a.m.	Earl v Beebe, 16C1882
12:00 p.m.	Johnson v Chanlagai, 15C3500
12:30 p.m.	Tucker v Higgins, 15C2715
01:00 p.m.	McDonald v Staats, 16C1907
01:45 p.m.	Payne v Greer, 16C1960
02:00 p.m.	Brazzel v Guragain, 16C1970
02:15 p.m.	Mitchell v Grogan, 16C2001
02:45 p.m.	Poteate v Sherman, 15C3484

Thursday, March 30, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Farmer v State of TN, 14C3558
10:30 a.m.	Battle v Watts, 15C1965
10:45 a.m.	Piedmont v Granny White, 13C142
11:15 a.m.	Falkenbach v Reinhard, 16C889
11:30 a.m.	Rivrea v Eshak, 16C2489
11:45 a.m.	Abduljebar v Anderson, 16C503
12:00 p.m.	Weaser v Donalson, 15C3906
12:15 p.m.	Johnson v Coleman, 16C1561
12:30 p.m.	Williams v Alfaro, 16C1570
12:45 p.m.	Dixon v Metro, 16C596
01:00 p.m.	Wall v Holden, 15C4005
01:30 p.m.	Fogatas v Amguard, 15C4566
01:45 p.m.	Duke v Hobby Lobby, 15C1711
02:00 p.m.	Curry v Neblett, 16C608
02:30 p.m.	Shea v Vanderbilt, 14C5171
03:00 p.m.	Olmstead v Gaskin, 15C1572

Friday, March 31, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Fabry v Progress, 15C2052
10:00 a.m.	Lang's v Murphy, 17C250
10:15 a.m.	Cardwell v HCA, 15C2576
11:00 a.m.	Mekete v Reed, 14C2929
11:00 a.m.	Haley v Swader, 16c1001
11:00 a.m.	Young v Stakelbeck, 15C2575
11:00 a.m.	Trail v BAH, 15C3128
11:00 a.m.	Hawkins v Lopez, 14C3541
12:00 p.m.	Li v Carter, 15C2776
12:30 p.m.	Beaver v Union, 15C789
01:00 p.m.	Farrell v Plant, 16C1553; Plant v Farrell, 16C3139
01:30 p.m.	Robinson v City of Clarksville, CC-16-1410


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