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Special Master Docket

Mary Ashley Nichols
Special Master
1 Public Square, Suite 501
Nashville, TN 37201

Contact:  	Cyndi Webb, 615-880-2546 ***** NEW EMAIL ADDRESS

AND CALL 615-260-8121.  NO IN-PERSON APPEARANCES. ********

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

08:15 a.m.	Grimes v Carite, 18C1282
08:30 a.m.	Capital Risk v Needham, 18C198
09:30 a.m.	Fitzpatrick v Howard, 19C2162
10:00 a.m.	Wilson v Bluestone, 19C2342
10:15 a.m.	Stovall-Mitchell v McDowell, 17C2300
10:45 a.m.	Ellis v Modi, 15C3816
11:00 a.m.	Seely v GEICO, 19C2818
11:15 a.m.	Puryear v Grossman, 19C2226
11:30 a.m.	Kyriopoulos v Element Salon, 19C126
12:00 p.m.	Forbush v Nashville Downtown, 19C2634
12:15 p.m.	Guo v Furness, 19C1836
12:45 p.m.	Isreal v Legg, 20C584
01:00 p.m.	Gbadebo v Selman, 18C2466; Regis v Selman, 18C1592
		Daniel v Selman, 18C1593
01:30 p.m.	Metro v Smith, 19C852
01:45 p.m.	Jenkins v Adams, 19C2075
02:15 p.m.	Smith v Kinner, 19C1259
02:30 p.m.	Neal v Hurley, 19C2328
02:45 p.m.	Wallace-Thanasack v Lyk-Nu Collision, 17C2249

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

08:30 a.m.	Brooks v West, 19C1982
09:00 a.m.	Broadnax v Johnson, 19C807
09:00 a.m.	Phillips v Krason, 19C1672
09:15 a.m.	Amundson v Kroger, 19C2782
09:30 a.m.	Rysiewicz v Nashville Guys, 19C1181
09:45 a.m.	Best v Nashvegas Cab, 18C323

Thursday, January 21, 2021

08:30 a.m.	Deane v Reynold, 19C2827; Woods v Reynolds, 20C793
09:30 a.m.	Lacour v Vanderbilt, 18C2916
10:00 a.m.	Bordeaux Project - State Condemnation
11:30 a.m.	Zhuang v Cheng, 16C2602; Zhuang v Cheng, 18C2222
11:45 a.m.	Lyle v Tootsie's, 17C3105
12:15 p.m.	Van Sise v Thompson, 19C1793
12:30 p.m.	Valentine v Rigsby, 19C2977
01:00 p.m.	Corroa v Countess Enterprises, 17C1497
01:15 p.m.	Shields v Toribio, 19C2596
01:30 p.m.	Wusstig v Dillon, 19C1434
01:45 p.m.	Jones v Covington, 19C2817
02:00 p.m.	J. Birket v ARC Air, 19C2624
03:00 p.m.	Phelps v State of TN, 18C479

Friday, January 22, 2021

09:30 a.m.	Johnson v GEICO, 19C262
10:00 a.m.	Ineguiez-Placiencia v Boop, 19C2047
10:30 a.m.	Scholten v Elite, 18C281
11:00 a.m.	Fuselier v Hendry, 19C2711
11:15 a.m.	Grimes v Bashaw, 20C310
11:45 a.m.	Simmons v Morton, 19C497
12:15 p.m.	Parks v Franklin, 20C315
12:30 p.m.	Cal-Tenn Georgia v Dealer, 16C2978
01:30 p.m.	Zelenik v Aegis, 14C156
01:30 p.m.	Williams v Sesler, 19C2222
02:00 p.m.	Cunningham v HCA, 19C2359
02:30 p.m.	Acker v Puckett, 18C1302


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