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Special Master Docket

Mary Ashley Nichols
Special Master
1 Public Square, Suite 501
Nashville, TN 37201

Contact:  	Cyndi Snuggs, 615-880-2546	

Monday, June 27, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Demonbreum v Barrett, 14C5452
09:45 a.m.	Scott v Galbreath, 14C1837
10:45 a.m.	Allen v Smith, 13C3755; Allen v Smith, 11C2606
11:15 a.m.	Kirby v Kroger, 13C882
11:15 a.m.	Kirby v BRE Retail, 16C1225
12:00 p.m.	Moulder v TN Auto Sales, 16C471
12:00 p.m.	Crockett v Valent, 14C4796
12:30 p.m.	Young v Keliher, 15C2552
01:00 p.m.	Anderson v Wang, 15C1923
01:45 p.m.	Owens v Jackson, 16C259
02:00 p.m.	Osborne v Corley, 15C2346
02:15 p.m.	Duke v Hobby Lobby, 15C1711
02:30 p.m.	Longmire v Hancock, 15C1674
02:45 p.m.	Gallien v Mamani, 14C2005
03:00 p.m.	Miller v Wood, 15C3562
03:15 p.m.	Bates v Worley, 15C2839

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Johnson v Long, 14C1971
09:45 a.m.	Tillman v Widen, 14C5480
10:00 a.m.	Smock v Metro, 14C3753
10:15 a.m.	England v Holden, 15C3592
10:30 a.m.	Lackey v Green, 15C1769
10:45 a.m.	Martin v Hay, 15C3629
11:00 a.m.	Geary-Keel v Johnson, 15C3649
11:30 a.m.	Gibson v Green, 15C3664
11:45 a.m.	Brewer v Webster, 15C3692; Neisz v Webster, 15C3698
12:15 p.m.	Southall v Goforth, 15C3546
12:30 p.m.	Thetford v Mayes, 15C960
12:45 p.m.	Johnson v Chanlagai, 15C3500
01:00 p.m.	Nguyen v McCord, 15C3712
01:15 p.m.	Webb v Otot, 15C3743; Otot v Gurma, 16C470
01:30 p.m.	Jones v Eyberg, 15C3747
01:45 p.m.	Robertson v Clark Gas, 15C3788
02:00 p.m.	Peterson v Dickson, 15C3809
02:15 p.m.	Snyder v Johnson, 15C3841
02:45 p.m.	Federated v Wright, 16C221
03:00 p.m.	McReynolds v Harlan, 15C3902
03:15 p.m.	Dismukes v Barnes, 15C3744

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Halliburton v Holland, 15C2443
09:45 a.m.	Corral v Dominguez, 15C1512
10:00 a.m.	Sisson v Lester, 15C950
10:15 a.m.	Ford v Clarke, 15C3427
10:30 a.m.	Shelton v Klinghard, 16C277
10:45 a.m.	Jordan v Mothey, 15C666
11:00 a.m.	Greer v Wilks, 15C3861
11:15 a.m.	Robins-Tippett v Nunley, 15C3877
11:30 a.m.	Weaser v Donalson, 15C3906
11:45 a.m.	Whitsey v Tillery, 15C3944
12:00 p.m.	Doss v At The Top, 15C3137
12:15 p.m.	St. James v Nashcam, 15C1517
12:45 p.m.	McMaster-Gleaves v Kendall, 14C1507
01:00 p.m.	Feigner v McVety, 15C3959
01:15 p.m.	Alhassan v Doe, 15C1622
01:30 p.m.	Maloney v Trawick, 15C3241
01:45 p.m.	Allison v Smith, 14C1599
02:00 p.m.	Langley v Tierney, 14C4867
02:15 p.m.	Rich v Lee, 15C142
02:30 p.m.	Webb v Hayes, 15C79
03:00 p.m.	Batts v Jackson, 15C621

Thursday, June 30, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Claborn v Laird, 14C659
09:45 a.m.	Justice v Metro, 15C273
10:15 a.m.	Cooper v Hall, 15C1460
10:45 p.m.	Hawkins v Lopez, 14C3541
11:00 a.m.	Gautier v Vanderbilt, 14C2264
11:30 a.m.	Floors by Daniel v Shaw, 15C2206
11:45 a.m.	Cooper v Glasser, 11C3952
12:15 p.m.	Ahmed v Norris, 15C620; Balima v Norris, 15C646
12:30 p.m.	Kelly v West Meade, 13C3733
01:00 p.m.	Black v Valenti, 15C3315
01:15 p.m.	Simmons v Islam, 15C1107
01:45 p.m.	Richards v Sullivan, 15C865
02:00 p.m.	Johnson v Pk Corporation, 15C2953
02:15 p.m.	Turner v Eisenhour, 14C2516
02:30 p.m.	Muncey v Foster, 15C1306
02:45 p.m.	Sowards v Sturm, 15C3047
03:00 p.m.	Gaines v Nationwide, 13C4703
03:30 p.m.	Campos v Metro, 11C4234

Friday, July 1, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Apple Cleaning v Crow, 13C2774
10:00 a.m.	Slate v Metro, 12C1555
10:15 a.m.	Kennedy v Metro, 13C2272
10:45 a.m.	Stuart v Ausderau, 15C3171
11:00 a.m.	Terry v Barnes, 12C1294
11:00 a.m.	Washington v Scroggins, 15C2362
11:00 a.m.	Infill v Shands, 15C3140
11:00 a.m.	Davenport v Booker, 14C3129
11:00 a.m.	Levan v McTyre, 13C3552
11:00 a.m.	Garcia-Bengochea v Cook, 14C5305
11:00 a.m.	Holbrook v Borum, 14C5484
11:00 a.m.	Barsoum v Turner, 14C5167
11:00 a.m.	Blaylok v Foust, 14C3304
11:00 a.m.	Taylor v Brookside, 15C56
11:30 a.m.	Midland v Heard, 13C4808
11:45 a.m.	Rhea v Travis, 15C2402
01:00 p.m.	Rucker v Skyline, 15C1394
01:30 p.m.	Bailey v USF Holland, 13C5077
02:00 p.m.	Guo v Yn, 13C2340
02:15 p.m.	Price v Reliable, 15C1171
02:30 p.m.	Humphrey v Nobrega, 15C1235
02:45 p.m.	Trotter v Johnson, 14C5286
03:00 p.m.	Fitzpatrick v Metro, 13C3489

Monday, July 4, 2016

	Office Closed
	No Case Management Conferences

Tuesday, July 5, 2016  ~  Friday, July 8, 2016

	No Case Management Conferences


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