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Special Master Docket

Mary Ashley Nichols
Special Master
1 Public Square, Suite 501
Nashville, TN 37201

Contact:  	Cyndi Snuggs, 615-880-2546	

Friday, July 22, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Johnson v Chanlagi, 15C3500
10:00 a.m.	Apple v Crow, 13C2774
11:00 a.m.	Walker v McMullin, 13C3420
11:00 a.m.	Fore v Rich, 14C2252
11:00 a.m.	Jensen v Alexander, 15C2100
11:00 a.m.	Culberson v Solomon, 15C733
11:00 a.m.	Gardner v Anderson, 15C3446
11:00 a.m.	Caylor v Gregory, 15C2896
11:00 a.m.	Hoffman v Tohme, 15C1545
11:00 a.m.	Hughes v Sanders, 15C1150
12:30 p.m.	McClain v Quarles, 15C460
12:30 p.m.	McClain v Fina, 14C3475
12:45 p.m.	Campbell v Scott, 15C3126
01:00 p.m.	Threalkill v Threalkill, 14C3400
01:15 p.m.	Montgomery v Barr, 13C4373

Monday, July 25, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Moseley v Apuricio-Ramirez, 15C2718
09:45 a.m.	Garrett v Wagner, 14C2434
10:00 a.m.	Hancock v Sultan, 15C4414
10:15 a.m.	Sanders v Preston, 15C4421
10:30 a.m.	Bosserman v Hood, 15C4452
10:45 a.m.	Shaw v Piper, 15C4483
11:00 a.m.	Benjamin v St. Thomas, 15C4476
11:30 a.m.	Lumpkin v Flores, 15C4504
11:45 a.m.	Moses v Illinois, 15C4512
12:00 p.m.	Turner v Loring, 15C4324
12:15 p.m.	Smith v Clymer, 15C2349
12:30 p.m.	State Farm v Lavender, 15C1725
01:00 p.m.	Dill v Knowles, 15C4527
01:15 p.m.	Emler-Jamison v Parker, 15C4534
01:30 p.m.	Lee v Parks, 15C4542
01:45 p.m.	Anderson v Kroger, 15C4561
02:00 p.m.	Hopson v Poole, 15C4574
02:15 p.m.	Petway v Avalon, 15C4243
02:45 p.m.	Bryant v Portillo, 15C3243
03:00 p.m.	Brown v Best, 15C3695
03:15 p.m.	Edens v Smith, 15C1605

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Cantrell v Davis, 15C1855
09:45 a.m.	Lee v Moody, 14C5508
10:00 a.m.	Smith v McCord, 15C4481
10:30 a.m.	Gentry v Dupont, 15C4502
12:00 p.m.	Geurin v Alvarado, 14C1789
12:15 p.m.	Rosiu v Dotson, 154CCV
12:30 p.m.	Jackson v Williams, 16C163
12:45 p.m.	Davis v Whittsett, 14C849
01:00 p.m.	Watson v McGee, 15C4509
01:30 p.m.	Hudgins v Metro, 15C4526
01:45 p.m.	Hernandez v Hess, 15C4533
02:00 p.m.	Simmons v T&T Leasing, 15C4543
02:15 p.m.	Smith v Murphy, 15C4573
02:30 p.m.	Bradley v Phillips, 15C3178
03:00 p.m.	Oliver v Fatah, 15C1852

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Young v Stakelbeck, 15C2575
09:45 a.m.	Ray v St. Thomas, 13C4746
10:00 a.m.	Morris v GM, 15C566
10:30 a.m.	Parmar v Cannon, 15C1027
10:45 a.m.	Abdelsayed v Gold Star, 15C1816
11:15 a.m.	Lewis v Bell, 15C3201
11:30 a.m.	McKeever v Anesthesia, 13C1365
12:00 p.m.	Tillman v Widen, 14C5480
12:15 p.m.	Infill v Shands, 15C3140
12:30 p.m.	Levan v McTyre, 13C3552
01:00 p.m.	Humphrey v Nobrega, 15C1235
01:15 p.m.	Cantrell v Centennial, 15C1838; Cantrell v Centennial, 15C2838
02:00 p.m.	Merriweather v Raintree, 14C537; Raintree v Merriweather, 14C538
02:30 p.m.	Williams v Ramadan, 16C993

Thursday, July 28, 2016

09:30 a.m.	Parker v Adan, 13C652
09:45 a.m.	Ogburn v Griffin, 15C1399
10:00 a.m.	Mills v Palande, 15C2938
10:15 a.m.	Chapman v Steele, 13C4671
10:45 a.m.	Hargrett v Castle, 15C2690
11:00 a.m.	Rodriguez v Jennings, 12C2983
11:15 a.m.	Campbell v Fuller, 14C623
11:30 a.m.	Peone v Seton, 13C2244
12:00 p.m.	Carter v Musick, 13C3187
12:30 p.m.	Woods v Lillard, 14C4845
01:00 p.m.	Herrera v Lewis, 15C3483
01:15 p.m.	Owens v Worthy, 15C4230
01:30 p.m.	Dialysis v Medley, 14C4843
02:30 p.m.	Dobbs v Legends, 14C4804
02:45 p.m.	Hudson v Pruitt, 15C3694

Friday, July 29, 2016

11:00 a.m.	Suarez-Blash v Jobe, 15C2775
11:00 a.m.	Morison v Cherry, 13C4274
11:00 a.m.	Egan v Leon, 15C881
11:00 a.m.	Batey v Hipps, 15C1856
11:00 a.m.	Kuykendall v Tyson, 14C3754
11:45 a.m.	Price v Reliable, 15C1171
12:00 p.m.	Dismukes v Barnes, 15C3744
12:15 p.m.	Austin v Dredge, 12C2620
01:00 p.m.	McReynolds v Harlan, 15C3902
01:30 p.m.	Bailey v USF Holland, 13C5077
01:45 p.m.	Powers v Mattews, 14C4055
02:00 p.m.	Claybrooks v Buena Vista, 13C5255


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