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Special Master Docket

Mary Ashley Nichols
Special Master
1 Public Square, Suite 501
Nashville, TN 37201

Contact:  	Cyndi Snuggs, 615-880-2546	

Friday, January 20, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Walker v Al Mashmali, 15C1531
11:00 a.m.	Sisk v Cruz, 13C4495
11:00 a.m.	Rose v Darnall, 15C2173
11:00 a.m.	Holland v Smith, 15C3951

Monday, January 23, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Patrick v Smith, 14C882
09:45 a.m.	Childress v Jones, 15C2351; Bright v Jones, 15C2450
10:00 a.m.	Waller v Ranchino, 15C2661
10:15 a.m.	Mills v Ferrell, 13C5075
10:45 a.m.	Miller v Metro, 15C3371
11:00 a.m.	Inman v Ramsey, 16C550
11:15 a.m.	Grace v Nashville, 13C5344
11:30 a.m.	Moreno v Jazzabi, 14C2126
11:45 a.m.	Kunugi v Brown, 15C4175
12:00 p.m.	Arnold v Cornerstone, 16C1131
12:15 p.m.	McLead v Sharpley, 15C3318
12:30 p.m.	Pennington v Doe, 16C742
01:00 p.m.	Madondo v News Channel 5, 16C412
01:30 p.m.	Cunningham v Telemarketers, 16C326
01:45 p.m.	Young v Zarzour, 14C1228; KY Farm Bureau v Zarzour, 14C3693
01:45 p.m.	Johnson v DTO, 16C1292
02:30 p.m.	McCool v Bray, 15C4278
02:45 p.m.	Whitson v Bloodworth, 16C822
03:00 p.m.	Dorsett v Clark, 15C4458
03:15 p.m.	Brown v Allen, 16C77

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Baines v Barroso, 14C2476; Price v Barroso, 15C1078
10:00 a.m.	Lamb v Tipton, 16C1689; Shepherd v Tipton, 16C1690
10:15 a.m.	Howard v Ford, 16C1711
10:30 a.m.	Baker v Jones, 16C1765
10:45 a.m.	Rawls v Keason, 16C1783
10:45 a.m.	Harris v Ekwuazi, 16C1789
11:00 a.m.	Monzon v Juarez, 16C1794
11:00 a.m.	Andreozzi v Nashville Shores, 16C1806
11:15 a.m.	Belton v Twilley, 16C1811
11:30 a.m.	Hall v RAM Aircraft, 16C1726
12:00 p.m.	Lee v Goldmann, 16C657
12:15 p.m.	Browning v Life Care, 14C4703
12:45 p.m.	Mardawi v Retief, 12C4884
01:00 p.m.	Cole v Pearson, 16C1861
01:00 p.m.	Wilt v Meador, 16C1855
01:15 p.m.	Hancock v Roe, 16C1870
01:15 p.m.	Corrado v Davis, 16C1891
01:30 p.m.	Hansen v Kinley, 16C1884
01:30 p.m.	Sonntag v Wali, 16C1906
01:45 p.m.	Holeman v Lopez-Cruz, 16C1914
01:45 p.m.	Chaffin v Clayton, 16C1948
02:00 p.m.	Chandler v Browder, 16C1956
02:00 p.m.	Crutchfield v Metro, 16C1965
02:15 p.m.	Robinson v Jackson, 16C1995
02:30 p.m.	Unverfehrt v Ryman, 16C2000
02:45 p.m.	Pruitt v Demay, 16C2007
03:15 p.m.	Ritchason v Smith, 16C1621

Wednesday, Janaury 25, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Morison v Cherry, 13C4274
09:45 a.m.	McConnell v Joy, 16C609
10:00 a.m.	Fitzgerald v Hill, 16C1366
10:15 a.m.	Marler v Ellis, 16C1399
10:30 a.m.	Howse v Lockamy, 16C1415
10:45 a.m.	Chubb v Century, 16C1446
10:45 a.m.	Anderson v SSI Northside, 16C1452
11:00 a.m.	Hawkins v Hall, 16C1466
11:15 a.m.	Barwari v Marshall, 16C1502
11:15 a.m.	Lowe v Steed, 16C1519
11:45 a.m.	Burdett v Newton, 16C1547
12:00 p.m.	Price v Johnson, 16C389
12:00 p.m.	Vida v Nuam, 16C387
12:15 p.m.	Tufty v Covington, 14C2952
12:30 p.m.	McGlown v Tharpe, 16C665
12:45 p.m.	Naeem v Kraidy, 16C679
01:00 p.m.	Hurley v Byassee, 16C1560
01:15 p.m.	Williams v Alfaro, 16C1570
01:15 p.m.	Johnson v Coleman, 16C1561
01:30 p.m.	Guindon v Gibson, 16C1573
01:45 p.m.	Memisevic v Holmes, 16C1597
01:45 p.m.	Rodgers v Metro, 16C1589
02:00 p.m.	Mnif v Doe, 16C1614
02:15 p.m.	Page v Dowell, 16C1633
02:30 p.m.	McFarland v Duncan, 16C1696
03:00 p.m.	Shea v Vanderbilt, 14C5171

Thursday, January 26, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Vandevort v Hooters, 16C327
09:45 a.m.	Keen v Bush, 16C1928
10:15 a.m.	White v Concentra, 16C336; White v Concentra, 16C1824
10:30 a.m.	Senior Care v Carefinders, 14C5518
11:15 a.m.	Harris v Clark, 16C758
11:30 a.m.	Roberson v LP North, 16C1182
12:00 p.m.	Whitney v First Call, 15C1241
12:15 p.m.	Southall v Goforth, 15C3546
12:30 p.m.	Owens v Jackson, 16C259
12:45 p.m.	Sanders v Preston, 15C4421
01:00 p.m.	Djaka v Forconi, 16C1072
01:00 p.m.	Flores v Amaya, 16C1077
01:15 p.m.	Lines v Dunn, 16C1086
01:30 p.m.	Gebre v Moreau, 16C1104
01:30 p.m.	Buchanan v Butzer, 16C1134
01:45 p.m.	Ray v National, 16C1152
01:45 p.m.	Blackman v Jones, 16C1145
02:15 p.m.	Jaafar v Bodruzzaman, 16C1190
02:30 p.m.	Buford v Woods, 16C1197
02:45 p.m.	Deal v Thornton, 16C2208

Friday, January 27, 2017

09:30 a.m.	Metro v Tootsie's, 15C4319
10:00 a.m.	Stanley v Select, 15C4352
10:15 a.m.	Holmes v Doe, 13C4199
11:00 a.m.	Moss v LeMay, 15C4528
11:00 a.m.	Moore v Hintz, 16C72
11:00 a.m.	Smith v Clymer, 15C2349
11:00 a.m.	Williams v Davis, 15C3948
11:00 a.m.	Fowler v Johnson, 15C2979
11:00 a.m.	Rose v Clements, 15C2394
11:00 a.m.	Smith v Draper, 13C2926
11:45 a.m.	Turner v Eisenhour, 14C2516
11:45 a.m.	Faustina v Meharry, 16C395
12:00 p.m.	Castile v State, 15C1313
01:00 p.m.	Cooper v Glasser, 11C3952
02:15 p.m.	Myers v Tidwell, 16C579


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