Circuit Court Filing Fees **Updated**

Refer to the table below or click the following link to view or download the updated fee schedule in Adobe PDF format.**

(Unless otherwise specified by statute, fees in civil cases should be paid in advance)

(Fees for initiation of new case include $23.75 state litigation tax and $33.75 county litigation tax)

Civil Actions
(Service of Process Fees Not Included)
1. Category One Cases
Contracts; torts; personal injury; property damage; malpractice; wrongful death; employment discrimination; civil rights suits; tax disputes; special remedies and cases not otherwise specified.
2. Category Two Cases
Worker's comp cases; appeals to Circuit from General Sessions, city courts and other courts or hearings; writs of mandamus; condemnation/inverse condemnation; quo warranto actions: and writs of certiorari.
3. Category Three Cases
Restoration of citizenship; Petition for Certificate of Employability; legitimations; name changes; minor's settlements; enforcement of foreign judgments and all other court approved settlements.
4. Petition for Contempt (on existing cases) 77.00
5. Petition to Encroach Funds27.00

Domestic Relations Actions
  W/O Service Fee W/DC Sheriff Fee
1.   Divorce (w/ minor children)259.50301.50
2.   Divorce (w/o minor children)184.50226.50
3.   Petitions (on existing cases)
          Contempt and modification.
4.   Category Three Cases
          Adoptions (add $30.00 for each child as birth
          certificate application fee payable to Circuit Court Clerk);
          termination of parental rights; registration and/or enforcement
          of foreign decree; paternity cases and other domestic relations
          matters not otherwise designated.
**See additional service fees below under Service of Process.

Miscellaneous/Other Charges and Fees
1. Service of Process Fee
     Commissioner of Insurance (which includes service by Sheriff to Commissioner)57.00
     Secretary of State (includes Clerk's seal)25.00
2. Post-Judgment Requests25.00
     Applies to each requested post-judgment interrogatory, motions to set installment      payments, motions to quash garnishment, claims of exemption, and post-judgment      orders and pleadings.
3. Subpoenas - Foreign Court and Personal (Clerk Fee)6.00
      See above for additional service fee information (if applicable)
4. Continuances7.00
5. Publications (check made payable to requested publication)Varies (see form)
6. Copies.50/page
7. Mailing (certified or registered mail)actual costs
8. Certification and Seal5.00
9. Processing of Funds Paid Through Clerk40.00
11. Preparing a Record on Appeal from Circuit Court to an Appellate Court300.00
12.Cross-filings and Counter-complaints102.00
13.Third Party Complaints (same fee as original Complaint minus $57.50 litigation tax)
14.Intervening Complaint (Civil)227.00
15.Intervening Complaint (Domestic)102.00

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